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STX Financing, LLC./Hilary Bronwyn Gayle(LOS ANGELES) -- Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn will return as a group of moms at the end of their ropes in the holiday-themed sequel to the hit movie Bad Moms.

The brand new trailer for A Bad Moms Christmas shows the trio from the original film taking on that Olympic decathlon of motherhood: the holiday season.

"I spend months picking out the perfect present for everyone and what do I get?" Bell's character Kiki laments. "Coupons for free back rubs. Bad back rubs." 

The ladies vow to "take back" Christmas, but complicating matters are the simultaneous visits of their moms. The Good Wife's Christine Baranski plays the prim and proper mother of Kunis' character, who bristles when her daughter declares her intention to enjoy the holidays for a change.

"Amy: you're a mom," she says. "Moms don't enjoy, They give joy, that's how being a mom works."

Susan Sarandon also stars as Hahn's onscreen mom, while Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines plays the mother to Bell's character.

A much raunchier "red band" trailer is also available for your viewing pleasure.

A Bad Moms Christmas opens in November.

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Getty Images/Kevin Mazur(LOS ANGELES) -- Michelle Rodriguez hinted that she may leave the Fast and the Furious franchise.

On Tuesday, to mark the digital release of the latest movie in the series, The Fate of the Furious, she shared photos on Instagram of her time on set and warned that women in the films need better opportunities.

"I hope they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one. Or I just might have to say goodbye to a loved franchise," she wrote. "It's been a good ride & I'm grateful for the opportunity the fans & studio have provided over the years... One Love."

Rodriguez's character, Letty, first appeared in 2001's The Fast and the Furious.

Universal, the studio behind the franchise, did not immediately respond when contacted by ABC News for comment.

This is not the first time Rodriguez, 38, has criticized the films. In 2015, she told the Daily Beast that she argued against a love-triangle plot that she felt was unrealistic and advocated for her character to have a fight scene.

"I fought for the punch, because they didn’t think a girl would ever get involved,” she said.

Last year, Rodriguez told Entertainment Tonight that the films, "need some more women on the good side."

"In order for me to be a part of the franchise in the future, they need to up the ante on the females," she said. "I just need some more feminine energy."

The Fate of the Furious, which premiered this past April, was a box-office smash, earning $1.2 billion worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

In 2016, Vin Diesel announced that the ninth and tenth Fast films are set to premiere on April 19, 2019 and April 2, 2021, respectively.

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Freeform/Eric McCandless(LOS ANGELES) -- Who is A.D., who got married, who's pregnant?

"For some reason this feels like the end of something," Alison DiLaurentis says in the last episode ever of Pretty Little Liars.

In a lot of ways, Tuesday’s two-hour series finale was the end of a seven-season long mystery, but it also brought the beginning of new mysteries and questions in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. (And I guess we'll never find out how the moms got out of that basement.)

But most importantly, we learned that ultimate villain A.D. -- the mysterious figure who has been torturing the liars Alison, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields after Charlotte Drake died -- is none other than Alex Drake, Spencer's twin sister.

When we last left the liars, they won the game, and A.D. was riding off in the sunset as Harry Nilsson's "Without You" played on the soundtrack. And one year later, the girls are thriving.

Aria and her fiancé, Ezra Fitz, learn that their book, Then and Now, will be made into a movie, and are about to finally get married. Emily and Alison are happily raising their daughters Grace and Lilly together. Spencer and her sister Melissa Hastings are getting along, and Spencer is also reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Toby Cavanaugh, with the two still clearly sharing feelings for each other. Even Jenna has found her calling as Rosewood High School's life skills teacher.

Though Hanna's fashion designs are taking off and her husband, Caleb Rivers, sold software to their friend Lucas Gottesman, the couple are in a fight about Mona Vanderwaal, who has completed her treatment and come to live with Hanna and Caleb in the loft they bought from Lucas. Caleb doesn't trust Mona and believes Hanna is making decisions without thinking about how they affect their relationship.

Later, at the Lost Woods resort, the gang comes together to surprise Aria and Ezra with a party before their wedding. Meanwhile, Mona disappears from Hanna and Caleb's apartment, and Melissa, wearing a black hoodie synonymous with the A-Team, is watching Spencer, Toby, Emily, Alison, Aria, Ezra, Hanna and Caleb from afar.

As the couples retire to their rooms, Spencer, who has been going to law school full time, and Toby find themselves alone. They end up playing Scrabble in Toby's room, and after Toby falls asleep, Spencer finishes their game.

In their room, Hanna and Caleb are arguing and reveal that they've been trying to have a baby. Aria receives a phone call and cries to her friends that she can't have children.

Melissa, who has been watching through the resort's windows this whole time, takes off her mask and reveals that she is actually Mona. She communicates with someone over the phone that we assume is A.D., and it’s clear Mona has no idea who it is.

Aria eventually tells Ezra she can't have children, and Ezra says they'll do whatever they have to in order to have kids. In another scene, Spencer visits her birth mother, Mary Drake, in prison and asks her for help.

At Aria and Ezra's rehearsal dinner, Hanna and Caleb continue to fight because they brought Mona to the party, and Byron gives Ezra his blessing for his marriage to Aria.

At the bar, Aria's mom Ella Montgomery, Hanna's mom Ashley Marin, and Spencer's mom Veronica Hastings share a bottle of wine at the party and reminisce about the time they were trapped in the basement.

"Sometimes I wish we were still in the basement," Ella says. "At least there was peace and quiet."

"Oh my god, do you remember how we get out of there?" says Veronica.

"You know Pam [Emily's mom] didn't drink for a year after that?" says Ashley.

The moms don't reveal how they ever broke out of the basement in which they were locked, but they do leave together, wasted.

Outside, Toby catches Spencer before she takes the drunk moms home. He tells her he knows she finished their game of Scrabble with the word "remembrance," which is a type of unrequited love. And Ezra leaves Aria, upset because Aria admits she knew for a while she couldn't have children.

At their home, Emily confronts Alison because she saw her mom give her something secretly. It turns out Emily's mom gave Alison her grandmother's ring to propose to her with. “You loved me when I was an ugly human being," Alison tells Emily. "You make me a better woman because you searched for one. Do you promise to do that every day for the rest of our lives?"

Spencer finds Toby in his hotel room wearing nothing but a towel. The towel comes off and they find themselves in bed. Afterwards, Spencer hears a piano being played as she gets out of the shower. Mona, dressed in a black hoodie, steps out from behind her and knocks her out.

Spencer wakes up locked in a room and encounters her identical twin, as Emily and Alison learn that Mary Drake escaped from prison. Mary appears and injects Spencer with something to make her sleep. As she awakens, Spencer, chained to the floor, meets her twin, Alex Drake, who has an English accent and the initials A.D.

Wren met Alex in London while she was working as a bartender and told her about Spencer. Wren and Alex quickly began a relationship, and Alex reveals that she took over the game as uber A when Charlotte, Spencer's half-sister, died. "I needed the closure," she tells Spencer. "On my own terms."

Alex has been studying Spencer's life, including her family photos. She's also the one who comforted Hanna when she was being tortured and hooked up with Toby before he moved away. When the game was over, Alex returned to London but she couldn't stop thinking about the liars, even though Wren tried to dissuade her.

"Spencer has got everything and I got nothing," Alex told Wren in a flashback. Alex wanted to know what it felt like to have friends like Spencer's who love each other no matter what happened. Wren implores Alex to give up the game and tell the girls the truth, but she convinces him that she needs to become Spencer. She even has Wren shoot her so that she has the same gunshot scar as Spencer.

Alex says the plan was to become Spencer, but Wren only wanted her as Alex. She implies to Spencer that Wren is dead and that she had his ashes made into the eternity stone she wears on her necklace.

Alex assumes Spencer's identity and meets the other girls at Aria's wedding, where she reveals that the father of Alison's daughters is Wren. And back in her prison, Spencer talks to Mary, who tells her that she sold Alex, who ended up at an orphanage in England. Mary comes in to comfort Spencer, who takes a bobby pin from her hair.

At her wedding, Aria is crying, having received a text from Ezra who said he wasn't coming. It turns out that Alex knocked Ezra out when he asked her too many difficult questions and that he is being held in the same place as Spencer.

Alex returns to explain that she wants Toby. She also says that Sydney Driscoll was only helping her because Alex caught her stealing. Charlotte left her money to Alex, who used some of the money to pay for Jenna Marshall's surgery to help her see again. In exchange, Jenna helped her with the game.

In a flashback, Alex shares that Charlotte met Archer Dunhill, also known as Dr. Elliot Rollins, on a flight to Paris, and the two fell in love. In fact, Archer was acting on his own when he tricked Alison into marrying him and convinced Mary that it was what Charlotte would have wanted. In Paris, Wren helped Charlotte and Alex meet for the first time. Wren, Alex, Charlotte and Archer did everything together. And just before she left London, Charlotte gifted Alex with a record of Patsy Cline's greatest hits. But Alex never saw Charlotte again, and she reveals that she is going to kill Ezra.

Back at Aria and Ezra's apartment, the girls are looking for any clue as to what happened to Ezra. They’re convinced he planned to marry Aria, especially after a hot air balloon surprise for the couple appears. Jenna also senses that something is wrong when she encounters Spencer and notices she has a different scent. She calls Toby and tells him, “I know this may sound weird, but I don’t think Spencer’s Spencer.”

Caleb, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Alison are gathered at the loft when Toby enters and reveals that he believes Spencer is possibly being impersonated by a twin. He says there's no way the book Spencer gifted him before he moved was hers because there weren't any notes in it. The scene pans out and shows Mona watching the events unfold at the Brew cafe. She calls A.D. and demands that she tell her who and where she is.

Mona reveals to the gang that she is playing the game to beat A.D., and they realize that Spencer's twin must have bought the house that Toby built. As soon as they arrive to the house, they find furniture identical to the tables and chairs in Spencer's own home. They then find a passage underground.

Alex hits Mary with an axe, but before she can kill them, Spencer and Ezra break out of their cells. Alex eventually corners the two, and Spencer jumps on her before she can kill Ezra. At this moment, Caleb, Hanna, Emily, Aria, Alison and Toby find them. Spencer and Alex both try to get the group to believe they are the real Spencer, but it's Toby who figures it out:

"Tell me your favorite poem from the book you gave me," Toby whispers into one of the twin's ears.

The real Spencer responds with a line from the poem in French. And police arrive to take Alex away. "I called 911," Mona calls out.

In a happy ending, Ezra and Aria are finally married. (Their ceremony is interrupted by the ring of executive producer I. Marlene King's cell phone in a surprise cameo.) Aria tells her friends that she and Ezra plan to look into adoption after their honeymoon. Spencer says that Toby is staying in the area to help veterans, and Hanna says she is pregnant.

Mona works in a toy store in France and has a handsome French boyfriend. As she promises to meet him later, she walks downstairs to find her dolls Alex and Mary Drake, whom she is keeping prisoner.

The final scene is of Alison and Emily's students who find themselves in a very similar scenario to the first episode of Pretty Little Liars.

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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Michael Yarish(LOS ANGELES) -- The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki's ranch home burned the the ground Monday night, but fortunately, the actor wasn't there at the time and is safe.

Galecki's publicist confirms to ABC News the story, first reported by TMZ, that states the ranch property about 190 miles north of Los Angeles in San Louis Obispo, CA, was set ablaze by wildfires in the area.  The property isn't Galecki's primary residence.

In a statement confirmed by Galecki's publicist to ABC News, Galecki said: "My heart goes out to all in the area who are also experiencing loss from this vicious fire, the threat of which we live with constantly, which may seem crazy to some but we do so because living in our beautiful, rural area makes it worthwhile."

He goes on: "It's never the structures that create a community -- it's the people. And if the people of Santa Margarita have taught me anything it's that, once the smoke has cleared, literally and figuratively, it's a time to reach out and rebuild."

The statement concludes: "We've done it before, and will need to do it together again, and it will make our community even closer and stronger. Endless thanks to CalFire and the Sheriff's Office. I know you guys are fighting the good fight to keep us safe. So very relieved no one has been hurt."

Galecki, 42, plays Dr. Leonard Hofstadler on The Big Bang Theory, which concluded its 10th season last May and has been renewed for two more.

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©2017 TriStar Pictures, Inc. and MRC II Distribution Company L.P. All Rights Reserved(LOS ANGELES) -- The R-rated comedy-thriller Baby Driver hopes to get a leg up on this week's competition at the box office with a Wednesday debut, and star Ansel Elgort promises a lot of excitement.

Elgort, who starred in the Divergent movies, as well as The Fault in Our Stars, plays a young getaway driver who tries to ditch his shady past after meeting the woman of his dreams, played by Lily James. His plans are complicated by a crime boss, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, who coerces him to take part in a heist that's destined to fail.

Elgort tells ABC News that it's, "the most exciting action movie you will ever see, I promise you."

Elgort's character, Baby, suffers from tinnitus, which he contracted as a result of a childhood car accident that also killed his parents. To block out the noise, he listens to his personal music soundtrack, which includes a diverse list of of artists, like Lionel Richie, Barry White and Queen. Elgort told ABC where Baby finds the music.

"The way he gets his music is because he steals iPods because he steals cars, and when you steal a car, you might steal an iPod too," he explains. "People leave iPods in their car."  

Baby Driver also stars Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Foxx.

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ABC/Thomas Lekdorf(LOS ANGELES) -- After weeks of hoping and wishing, The Bachelorette viewers finally got to watch Lee get kicked off the show.

At the end of Rachel Lindsay's two-on-one date with Lee and Kenny, the lawyer finally sent Lee home because she could tell he was lying about altercations he had with Kenny.

And Lee wasn't the only one going home on this special edition of The Bachelorette. Josiah and Anthony also left the house, with Josiah seeming to take it particularly hard.

"Woman, you have some poor judgment," he said while leaving the house.

In case you're wondering who's now left in the house, Kenny was later joined by Dean, Eric, Peter, Alex, Adam, and Matt.

As Lindsay finds herself falling harder for these guys, she noted: "Every goodbye is going to be harder from here on out."

Eric was the lucky guy this week, getting a one-on-one date with Rachel. The two not only took a tour of Copenhagen, but they also enjoyed an outdoor hot tub and a local amusement park.

Seven other guys -- except for Will -- then headed to a group date with Rachel to play traditional Viking games. Things got a little bloody, but thankfully this time it was all in good fun.

But after all of the fun and games, Rachel had to say some tough goodbyes.

Kenny and Rachel decided together that it was best he go home to be with his daughter. Rachel also sent Will home after his one-on-date, during which he admitted he's used to dating white girls, which took Lindsay aback. And during the rose ceremony, Alex was also sent home.

It seems Rachel will have an even tougher week during the next episode. 

The Bachelorette returns Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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©2017 CTMG/Dave Allocca(LOS ANGELES) -- Spider-Man Homecoming star Laura Harrier is set to star opposite Michael B. Jordan in HBO's Fahrenheit 451.

According to Deadline, Harrier will play Jordan's wife in the film adaptation of Ray Bradbury's 1953 classic novel of the same name.

Similar to the book, the film is set in a dystopian future where media is seen as a drug,  history is, "outlawed, and firemen burn books."

Jordan will play Guy Montag, a young fireman who becomes frustrated with his life and, "struggles to regain his humanity," while he battles his mentor. Unlike Jordan's character, Harrier's character Millie is "shallow and complacent" and, "immerses herself in the technological gadgets of the age."

Fahrenheit 451, which is still currently in development, will also be produced by Jordan via his Outlier Productions.

Harrier, meanwhile, can be seen as next month as Tom Holland's love interest in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Freeform/Eric McCandless(LOS ANGELES) -- After seven seasons and 159 episodes, Pretty Little Liars is finally coming to an end.

The show's executive producer, I. Marlene King, and its cast have been notoriously tight-lipped about the identity of A.D. -- the mysterious figure who has been torturing the liars Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin and Alison DiLaurentis through the years.

And though King has said she and the writers have known how they were going to end the show for two years now, they've kept tonight's series finale a heavily guarded secret.  However, tonight's two-hour finale is expected to reveal not only the identity of A.D. but also the father of Emily and Alison's baby.

To help with the wait, some of the show's stars each shared five words about what to expect in tonight's finale:

Nia Peeples, who plays Pam Fields: "You're gonna need more wine."

Laura Leighton, who plays Ashley Marin: "Questions answered. Chapters closed. Except…"

Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison DiLaurentis: "Tenacious, Satisfying, Dangerous, Epic, Romantic."

Tonight's finale will be followed by a one-hour Tell-All special, where the stars and King sit down for an in-depth discussion. The fun starts tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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ABC/Craig Sjodin

(LOS ANGELES) --Embattled reality TV star DeMario Jackson opened up in an emotional, three-part interview with E! News about an alleged incident on set of Bachelor in Paradise that led to an investigation and the show’s suspension of production.

According to reports, Jackson had a sexual encounter with former Bachelor star Corinne Olympios, and there were questions as to whether she was too intoxicated to consent.

Jackson confirmed the encounter to E!, insisting Olympios did not seem drunk at the time.

"Things got wild because it was more her being the aggressor, which was sexy," he said. "When you have a very attractive girl telling you what she wants, it's like...Wow, OK! This is hot."

Jackson said the next morning, the two hugged and had breakfast together, and though he offered a shot to her, she told him producers had cut her off from drinking for the day. Shortly thereafter, he said, a producer told him he needed to leave.

"He goes, '...[I]t's going to be bad if you don't leave tonight,'" he said.

On June 11, a rep for Warner Bros confirmed to ABC News that production on the show had been suspended amid allegations of misconduct. Three days later, Olympios called herself a "victim," in a statement to ABC News, and said she'd obtained an attorney. 

Jackson also retained a lawyer, Walter Mosley, who told People magazine that the tapes proved the hook-up was consensual. 

In part one of E!'s three-part series on Monday, Jackson got emotional when asked about the allegations. "It was stressful...having your mom cry every day for something that you know you didn't do [is hard]," he said.

Last week, Warner Bros. TV confirmed that the investigation had concluded without any proof of wrongdoing and that production would resume.

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Dana Edelson/NBC

(NEW YORK) -- Leslie Jones has given the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Los Angeles the thumbs-down, claiming that its staff “don’t like black people.”

“Wow was such a great night at the BET awards. But then had THE WORST STAY @RitzCarlton DO NOT STAY THERE!! THEY DONT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE!!” Jones tweeted on Monday, but gave no further details.

Wow was such a great night at the BET awards. But then had THE WORST STAY @RitzCarlton DO NOT STAY THERE!! THEY DONT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE!!

— Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) June 26, 2017

The 49-year-old Saturday Night Live star had hosted the BET Awards on Sunday.

Shortly after Jones' tweet, the hotel replied with an apology, writing, “@Lesdoggg We’re sorry to hear this. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all. Please DM us & we’ll look into this right away.”

@Lesdoggg We’re sorry to hear this. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all. Please DM us & we’ll look into this right away

— The Ritz-Carlton (@RitzCarlton) June 26, 2017

Many of the comedian’s Twitter followers threw their support behind her, vowing to boycott the hotel chain.

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ABC/Paul Hebert(LOS ANGELES) --The tension between Lee and Kenny continued to rise to a boiling point on Monday's The Bachelorette.

But before we get to that, let's talk about all of the other men trying to actually win Rachel Linsday's heart -- instead of spending their time fighting each other.

And while Bryan continued to make a good impression on the attorney, winning the first impression rose, Lindsay still had questions about Jack, so she invited him out on a one-on-one date.

The two Dallas natives not only enjoyed a horse drawn carriage ride, but they also went dancing.

The bachelorette tried to create some sparks between them, but it was clear that the entire date was forced. Lindsay even cut their attempt at a kiss short, telling Jack, "You're going to get sick. I'm contagious."

"There's something missing with Jack," Lindsay said to the camera. "I don't feel closer to him."

It wasn't long before Lindsay said goodbye to that suitor.

Monday night's rose ceremony left behind Eric, Peter, Adam, Will, Matt, Alex, Josiah, Anthony, Kenny, and Lee -- who's name should be changed to "Lying Lee."

So let's just get right to it: The guys' trek to Oslo, Norway, to continue their quest for love. While the rest of the guys went on a group date to play handball -- with Will nabbing the first impression rose -- Kenny and Lee went on a two-on-one date.

Lee continued to try and sabotage Kenny, telling Rachel that Kenny called him a "b****" and attempted to pull him out of a van. Cameras caught no such incident, and even Lindsay appeared to not believe Lee's lies -- so, she of course went back to tell Kenny, who looked shocked.

When Kenny confronted Lee -- yet, again -- a card reading, "To Be Continued," appeared on screen.

Luckily, we won't have to wait long to find out what happens.

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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NBC/Will Heath (NEW YORK) -- Back in March, Alec Baldwin suggested in an interview that his days of playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live are numbered, but apparently Baldwin is not ready to hang up the wig just yet.  On Monday the actor told CNN that he's agreed to appear as Trump on SNL this fall.

"Yeah, we're going to fit that in. I think people have enjoyed it," Baldwin told CNN

The veteran actor admitted he doesn't need to keep playing Trump, or acting at all.

"For me the question is not what do I want to do [it's] do I want to do anything? Do I want to work? I don't need to work," he said. "When I decide I want to go to work I look at what's out there and pick something that's the best that's available to me." 

Apparently that includes continuing to lampoon the president.

It also includes appearing in the new romantic drama Blind with Demi Moore. That movie opens July 14.

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iStock/Thinkstock(PENNSYLVANIA) -- A juror in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial described how several people broke down in tears in the deliberation room as the jury struggled in vain to reach a consensus.

"The most intense moment I think was when there was about four people crying in the room. One was out in the hallway pacing, visibly upset," said 21-year-old Bobby Dugan, one of the 12 jurors assigned to the case.

After more than five days and some 52 hours of deliberation, the jury couldn't reach a unanimous decision, resulting in a mistrial.

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney Kevin Steele has said that he plans to retry the case.

Cosby was charged in 2015 with three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault stemming from a 2004 encounter with Andrea Constand at his home in Pennsylvania.

She testified during the six-day trial that he gave her a drug that rendered her incapable of stopping his alleged assault, though she said she tried. Though he did not take the stand, he said in a decade-old deposition that he gave her Benadryl to “relax” her, and then the two had a consensual sexual encounter. He pleaded not guilty to the felony charges and denied wrongdoing in other accusations made against him.

Dugan said he initially didn't  believe Cobsy was guilty but was eventually swayed by, "people's opinions and hearing their arguments."

He said the turning point for him was, "when they were asking him if he would use the word 'consent.' He said: 'I wouldn't use that word.' And I was like you pretty much said it there yourself, man."

Nevertheless, in the end, Dugan said, "What it really comes down to is who are you going to believe more and that was all it was."

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Getty Images/Paras Griffin(LOS ANGELES) -- Spike Lee's next joint is set to hit the small screen on Thanksgiving Day.

Netflix has announced that Spike Lee's series adaptation of his 1986 film, She's Gotta Have It, will premiere on November 23. In the newly released teaser, we get a glimpse of the series' main character, Nola Darling, played by Shots Fired actress, DeWanda Wise.

The show, which is a contemporary update on the original film, follows Nola, a Brooklyn-based artist in her late twenties, who struggles to balance her friendship, her job and her three lovers: Greer Childs, played by Cleo Anthony;  Jamie Overstreet, played by Lyriq Bent; and Mars Blackmon, played by Hamilton star Anthony Ramos.

She's Gotta Have It also stars Chyna Layne, Ilfenesh Hadeara, Margot Bingham, Sydney Morton, and Joie Lee.

Spike Lee will direct all ten series episodes.

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Gravitas Ventures - 2017(NEW YORK) -- The movie Score: A Film Music Documentary, now in limited release, shines the spotlight on some unsung heroes: the composers who create the music that makes good movies great, and great movies unforgettable.

Director Matt Schrader's movie earned acclaim on the festival circuit even before its official release earlier this month.  It features features interviews with some of the most recognized filmmakers in cinema history, as well as composers like John Williams, whose themes to Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and E.T. are legendary; Hans Zimmer, the man behind Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy; and Nine Inch Nails rocker Trent Reznor, who won an Oscar for The Social Network's score.

Bear McCreary is also one of the composers featured in the film, and while he may not be a household name, you know his work: he created the music for movies and TV shows like 10 Cloverfield LaneThe Walking DeadMarvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DBlack Sails, and Battlestar Galactica

"In many ways, I feel like a like a translator, you know?" he explains, comparing the composing process to high-level peace negotiations.

"Like, in this room you have all these filmmakers, and editors, and directors, and actors, and producers, and in this room, you've got a full orchestra, and musicians that play all these crazy different instruments, and synthesizers, and singers," he explains. "It's like: 'You guys need each other, but you don't know how to talk to each other!' And that's what the composer really does."

McCreary reveals that he was "struggling" to come up with a theme for AMC's hit The Walking Dead, until a eureka moment struck when he was working on the pilot.

"It was a total accident, but sometimes it just comes to you that quickly."

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